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Sram Force 22 53/39 Crankset Gxp

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Sram Force 22 53/39 Crankset Gxp Review

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Sram Force 22 53/39 Crankset Gxp Description

SRAM Force 22 53/39 Crankset GXP. When SRAM Force was introduced, it was the company's first foray into the world of road bike components. It introduced their innovative Double Tap system and other new technologies that turned SRAM from an interesting side-note to a full on Pro Peloton-level competitor. SRAM Force has continued to be a bench-mark in SRAM's product line, offering pro-level performance, even when compared to the top-end Red 22 group. Now they've taken it a step further with SRAM 22. The new 11-speed line from SRAM gives you an extra gear (usually the 15T cog on most cassettes) so you have a wider range of gears to choose from, making it easier to climb, fly over rollers, and upshift more smoothly when you're ramping up for a sprint. The SRAM Force cranks have always been a favorite of riders seeking pro-level performance at a killer value, but the all-new Force 22 cranks take it up a notch. They've been updated with stunning new graphics and a new crank arm design that takes cues from SRAM's amazing S900 series and the updated SRAM Red Exogram cranks. The new Force 22 cranks match a uni-directional carbon fiber crank arm with a CNC-machined alloy spider. The result makes better use of the best properties of both carbon fiber and alloy to keep weight low and optimize stiffness. The spider also borrows the hidden bolt pattern design from the Red Exogram 22 cranks to further reduce weight and increase stiffness. This new design gives the crank an understated, elegant look that perfectly mates beauty and function. The cranks also come with the all-new Glide R chainrings, which have been engineered for stiffness, and made thinner to accommodate the new 11-speed chains. These chainrings were engineered from the bottom up to work with the Yaw 22 front derailleur, so you'll get crisper, more accurate shifting with each lever throw. The stiffness also translates into improved power transfer, so you get the most out of every watt you put into the bike. You can look all you want, but dollar for dollar you won't find a better value on a pro-level, high performance crankset like the all-new SRAM Force 22. Click here to Learn More about SRAM 11-speed components.