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Optic Nerve Variant Glasses

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Optic Nerve Variant Glasses Review

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Optic Nerve Variant Glasses Description

Optic Nerve Variant Glasses. On the surface this piece is all about style, but don't be fooled -- these sunglasses were carefully engineered to perform. TR90 frame materials and lenses that meet ANSI Z80.3 safety standards mean this is a durable piece that will help keep your eyes safe while maintaining a long lifespan. Adjustable Tactilite rubber nose bridge prevents the sunglasses from sliding. Two lenses Included, smoke and copper. Variant eyeware is available in Crystal Pink with Green Zaio smoke lenses, and Carbon with Red Zaio Smoke Tint: The smoke/grey tint offers 15% light transmission and true, accurate color definition, but offers virtually no definition or contrast properties; recommended for intense, abundant sun conditions. Copper Tint: Offers 27% light transmission, is easy on the eyes and offers excellent acuity, contrast, and definition while maintaining great color definition; recommended for most general light conditions and some variable light conditions depending on light transmission.